1. Why Buy Your kit?

-Its easy to use, 99% Success Rate, Comes with everything you need, Most popular method-

2. Is it worth the extra money for the Ultra Kit?

- Of course, you have less work to do. The Standard & Deluxe Kits are great for the money. The ultra kit makes cultivating a breeze. Everything is self-automated. Leaves little room for human error.

3. What I can't figure out what to do or have questions a few weeks later?

- Send us an email! We are extremely fast at answering any questions that may come up along the way.

4. What type of Mushrooms can i grow from your kits?

- The best part about our kits is you can pick any kind of mushroom. The substrate is designed to grow many different varieties. Shitake, Reishi, Black Poplar, Lion's Mane, Oyster, Giant, Toadstool, and MANY more...






5. What Quantity of Mushrooms can i grow from your kits?

- Depending on the strain you buy. Most people usually get 300-400 Wet grams per flush for 12 jars. Most cakes can produce 3-4 flushes.

6. Will my kit arrive in perfect condition?

- I've only had one reported case where the Rubbermaid bin was cracked due to shipping. We have implemented better packaging techniques to make sure it arrives safely. Never had we have a jar break or become contaminated. All jars arrive 100% Contamination free. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

7. How long have you been doing this? How can you afford to sell these kits for so cheap?

- Over 10 years of experimenting We have several people working on these per day. Each kit takes around 1.5 hours to put together.

8. How much is shipping?

- Shipping is a set fee based on the order total. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

$0-$49 Order Total, Shipping is:$11.00; $50-$99 Order Total, Shipping is:-$16.00; $100-$199 Order Total Shipping is $25.00. Orders Over $200 Shipping is FREE





9. Do you Ship to Canada?

- Yes, Email us to get a shipping Quote. Most of Canada is around $8-$10 more.

10. Where can I buy Spores?

- There are many places to buy spores email us for our favorites.


11. When will my order ship?

- We usually have a 24 hour turn around on most orders. Larger orders may take up to 3 days to ship. We can email you a Fedex Tracking number on request.

12. Does the shipping box say visiongrowkits on it?

- We ship all of our products in plain boxes. The return label says from: VGK