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All Kits Include the Following Items
These Ingredients have been tested & proven to yield the highest most potent mushrooms you can grow.
Half Pint Jars premixed & Sterilized
o       Natural Brown Rice flour
o       Vermiculite
o       Mineral Water
o       Worm Castings
o       Bee Pollen

These Ingredients make this kit! You will grow more & have better flushes! Worm Casings are key!
o       Growing & Fruiting Chamber- Clear for light to enter.
o       Growing Light
o       Gallon bag of Perlite- Used to maintain humidity in chamber
o       One Thermometer with Humidity gauge
o       A complete and easy to follow growing guide with pictures and illustrations to make sure you become 99% Successful! 
o       A list of reputable vendors that sell ALL types of Spores

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